1st Year Subject Options

While there is much uncertainty around many aspects of our lives, it is necessary for us to plan ahead and look forward to your son’s transition from primary to secondary in Marist College.

We are keenly aware that the last few months have resulted in great upheaval and change for your son, many of the normal occasions, traditions and ceremonies that we associate with finishing primary school have had to be paused or cancelled. We will be very mindful of this when your son starts with us and we will be tailoring or induction process to reflect this.

We had intended to continue the Subject Option Taster Programme for the first 7 weeks of First Year. Normally, your son would then have picked 2 subjects from a group of 5 to continue along with the rest of his subjects to Junior Cycle.

Unfortunately, due to the uncertainty created by the Coronavirus we will not be able to proceed with the Taster Programme, as there may be a situation where students are in school on a phased basis for a number of weeks. This would make running a Taster Programme impractical as it operates on its own timetable and is scheduled for the first term. I hope that the situation does not develop like this, but in order for us to organise and plan for the year ahead we will require your son to select his 2 option subjects now in advance of starting school at the end of August.

In order to help you with this decision, we are putting the following measures in places.

                                 1.From Thursday 28th May there will be a section on our school website called   

                                    First Year Subject Options. Here you will find details and presentations about the various option

                                    subjects. I would recommend that you take time with your son to view the details on the page in order

                                    to start the discussion on subject preferences. 

                                 2. On 2nd June we will be hosting a Parents Information Evening live through the ZOOM platform at

                                    6.00pm. Ideally we would prefer to do this in person but current circumstances don’t allow this! The   

                                    online meeting will provide us with the opportunity to explain the process, give more details on the

                                    subjects and answer any questions that you may have in relation to any aspect of your son’s move to

                                    secondary school. I will be sending you a ZOOM link via text message prior to the 2nd of June, inviting

                                    you to the online evening.

                                 3. Please return the Subject Options Form                 (click icon for copy) to  the school on or before

                                     Friday 5th June.


1st Year Information and Subject Options Presentation

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