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The M Factor 2018 - Matthew Trumps all other acts

The annual Marist Talent show or The M Factor as we like to call it, provided much entertainment and laughs for the school community on Friday last. Each year the standard of entry continues to rise, and we are fortunate to have such talented students in our midst. David Morris returned as Elvis and he had the hall rocking with his thrusts and movement. 6th Year Student Bilal Ahmad received a standing ovation for his haunting version of the Irish Famine song ‘Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’. Oisin Lough rocked the house with his Axel Rose performance of November Rain, the more traditionalists amongst the crowd were catered for by Liam Winnett and Ciaran McDermott with their rousing performance of traditional Irish tune ‘The Blackbird’.

Ultimately though the best was saved for last and 6th year student Matthew McBride simply brought the house down with a superbly accurate depiction of President Donald Trump. And his campaign to become Principal of Marist College, which included a pledge to build a wall between Marist and the Bower! Well done to all the students who took part and the teachers who put many hours of work into the preparation of the show.

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