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Maths Week 2018 in Marist College

Maths Week in Marist College began with a 1st year poster competition ‘Maths in my Everyday Life’. The standard was extremely high with Dónal McDermott winning 1st place, Darragh McGrath in second place and Aindriu Lynam winning third. First years also took part in outdoor activities including the jumping maze, which proved very challenging but enjoyable for all the students.

2nd years took part in a Table Quiz and, with an impressive score of 26, the quiz was won by team members Johnny Martin, Ben Donegan, Bill Carmody and Vincent Meyer.

3rd years took part in a Marist version of the Pi Quiz. This was excellent preparation for the students ahead of the annual Pi Quiz which takes place in April and has a long-standing tradition of success in Marist College. Each round of the quiz had a specific time limit which makes it more challenging. The quiz was won by Brian Connell, Thomas O’Brien, Kevin Redmond, Kevin Derwin.

Our first and Transition year students took part in the ‘Mangahigh Challenge’. This consists of online Maths Quizzes and assignments which could be completed at home or at school over the course of the week. Prizes were awarded for the top scores and at the end of the week Eoghan Carroll (TY) and Cillian McGowan (1st year) had the highest scores.

As part of Maths week, three transition year students, Olan Healy, Brian O’Hara Duggan and Callum McKnight were invited and attended a Statistics workshop in the University of Limerick hosted by the MACSI- Ireland’s largest applied and industrial mathematics research group. The students were very grateful to receive support and guidance on their BT Young Scientist proposal entitled “Psychology of an Athlete-Does the first goal or card affect the outcome of a match”. Our students were delighted to have been chosen to attend the workshop and enjoyed their trip.

Prism (Problem Solving in Irish Secondary School Maths) a nationwide problem-solving exercise took place on Thursday and saw students from all year groups take the 15 question multiple choice quiz. Students were allocated only 60 minutes to answer all the questions and calculators were not permitted. As with previous years, the standard and results were extremely high. Our top Senior student was Ruaidhrí Campion and top Junior was Derek Pun. Both students were presented with a prize for their hard work and dedication.

All students had the opportunity to take part in the Puzzle of the Day, Maths Dingbats and Maths Eyes competitions throughout this eventful Maths Week.


2nd year students attended AIT to participate in a maths show called “It Doesn’t Add Up” by Dr Ken Farquhar as part of Maths week. Students were entertained using magic, juggling, card tricks and mind reading while revealing the maths behind it all.

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