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ABP Angus Youth Challenge 2018

Four Transition Year students, Hugh Cunniffe, Fergal Cunniffe, Tom Shine and Gavin Daly have been chosen from a large volume of entries to go forward to the next stage of the competition. This is a skills-based competition offering a host of opportunities for students to develop skills and knowledge of the agri-food industry from farm to fork in a fun and challenging way.

For the first stage, students created a short video showcasing their knowledge and interest in agri-food production. The next stage of the competition will involve a 20-minute interview based on their video. Should they be successful in this interview, they will progress to an exhibition in Croke Park.

The final five schools will be selected by an independent judging panel of industry experts and will awarded five Aberdeen Angus calves each. They will then go on to rear their calves through an 18 month programme with ABP.

Wishing the boys the very best of luck for the next stage on the 15th of January.

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